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Your People

Regardless of your business there is not numerous ways to sell your offerings, we help you figure out your best way and then we train your sales team to all sell the same way through systems and processes and while focusing on High Payoff Activities.

stephen mccomb inside sales training

Inside Sales

Would you like to get your sales career off to the best start? Stephen will share with you over 20 years of sales experience from closing small retail sales to multi-million-pound strategic sales. Do you fear cold calling, unsure of what to say or how to say it? How do you deal with price objections or getting past the gatekeeper? Stephen uses thought out systems and processes to help you get the best start to your sales career.

Sales Development Representative

Leads, Qualify and Convert - simple, right? It should be, simple but the major issue we see as a sales training company is that there is no process in place by most businesses to define each stage. SDR’s can waste time following up with a prospect who was never going to be a client in the face place. Let Stephen help you bring in the right leads, to qualify them in the sales process and to convert them to customers.

stephen mccomb sdr sales training
stephen mccomb field sales training

Field Sales

There is no other sector in the sales role where time and efficiency matter’s more. Journey time, routes and which clients and prospects need to be called on is so critical it could be wiping thousands off your bottom line. Our sales training courses address this as our very first concern. Stephen uses modelling to show how sales people can be selling for as little as 3 hours and 8 minutes each week. Learn how to call on the right prospects and clients with Stephens sales training.

Account Manager

Designating an account as a Key Account should only be used when it is recognised that the account has high value growth potential. Not because shipping or quality have been lacking, that is the responsibility of Operations. Stephen will help you understand what measurements should be applied and how to grow the account beyond the account manager and into R&D, Finance, Senior Management and across all influencers.

stephen mccomb account manager sales training course
stephen mccomb territory management sales training

Territory Manager

From field sales through to resellers, dealers, agents Stephen places training and metric at the centre of his training. Each territory regardless of size has its own challenges, your quiet area that delivers month after month with minimum input could be your competitors ideal test ground for their assault on your main markets. Being able to have data that can be analysed allows for deeper market knowledge. Discover how to have effective dealers, agents, distributors and manage and field sales teams.

Sales Manager

A Sales Managers job is not to sell. It is to grow their people in quality and quantity. Every hour that a sales manager spends selling is stunting the growth of the business. Stephen will show you financially the difference between a company that adopts his approach and one that allows the sales manager to sell. If you’re the sales manager and you don’t have a team you’re not a manager, you know that already, Stephens job is to grow your sales so that you will have a team.

stephen mccomb sales manager training course
stephen mccomb sales operations training

Sales Operations

Stephen McCombs decision to have a Sales Operations courses on Bid Management, Customer Service and Sales Funnel, Pipeline and Forecast is because he knows how valuable these often-non-selling people play in the sales success. Stephen structures the course to review resources, do you know what percentage and cost each customer is taking from the administration team? What was the true cost in resources and materials for a bid submission? Profit margins in all industries are under scrutiny Stephen helps you adopt systems and processes to stay ahead.


Sales Manager

Whether you are already an international company or are considering going international Stephen can help give you a winning strategy. The marketing and sales strategy that has served you well in your home market or even other foreign markets gives no credit to how entering a new market will be. Learn from over 20 years of international sales, as Stephen strips back the pitfalls, and what it took to be successful in a foreign market.

stephen mccomb international sales manager training program
stephen mccomb sales director training course

Sales Director

A sales Directors role can be lonely. Stephen can help you discover have you got sales by design or default? Is the customer portfolio a reflection on who you are as a company, do they share your vision for the future? In the race to establish yourselves and have financial stability has your vision of what you wanted the business to be become clouded. Often if there is not a culture by design in an organisation both inside influences and external ones of suppliers and customers shape the culture. Let Stephen show you companies around the world who are leading with great Vision, Culture and Values.

Vice President of Sales

Is your sales strategy working? Has it been stress tested to work in a downward market? When a competitor goes on the offensive or an upstart like Airbnb comes in and redefines the entire market? Are you staying ahead? Are you ready for the upsurge? How are you going to hit your numbers next year and the year after? Ultimately are you playing the finite or infinite game? The leader sales training course will give you the tools to test your strategy and give you a fresh focus on who is making the difference both internally and externally. Change can be hard but with Stephens help he can give you tried and tested systems and processes of selling.

stephen mccomb vp sales training course