Stephen McComb’s sales training culture reflects his Irish roots coming from the orchard county of Armagh, Northern Ireland. In Ireland, from picturesque villages to endless green fields, nature plays an important role in everyday life. The people of Ireland are recognised for century’s as hard-working, down to each, for helping each other both at home and as they have built strong communities across the world. These aspects are translated into Stephen McCombs values which form the basics of our business and culture.

Putting people at the heart of what we do

You can smell the culture of a business within three minutes of walking through any business door. Empowering people to achieve and be their best, were they want to come into work as opposed to having to go to work. We have a special way of doing things and want you to build a great workforce.

Stephen McComb does what he’s best at, talking, travelling and working hard while having fun. Everything else, is empowered to his team.


Since the founding of our sales training company, we have worked to create an environment of mutual trust and confidence that relies on individual integrity, fosters individual responsibility, and promotes individual excellence in performance.


We foster a creative environment where are associates can think big, have fun, and do good. From how we reach clients to the value we bring in every sales training course we always want to be original and creative.


With our foundation in Northern Ireland a country that has seen more than its share of conflicts and deaths we are inclusive. We celebrate and encourage multiple points of view. With culture and diversity comes innovation and we are proud to have associates across the world.


We seek to collaborate within our business on shared values and visions. As a responsible business we have collaborations with those same type of private identities who are either in the learning and development sector or where both parties can demonstrate a coloration of collective vision and focus.


We are committed and will be accountable, take ownership, and strive to be leaders within the global learning and development sector. We are committed to excellence of lifelong learning for both our associates and our clients.


As life events happen so does the level of motivation someone has. We know that to keep motivated our associates need to know the vision and direction of the business which is why we share our purpose continually.

Our Business

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