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Outbound sales representatives can spend as little as 3 hours and 8 minutes from a standard 40-hour workweek in front of the right customer. Your success as a Territory or Area manager will be defined by how you can utilise your team to reduce non-selling time while spending time in front of the right client who will buy.

The data that comes back from the field needs to be carefully analysed and understood so that any downward trends or new threats to the territory can be acted upon as soon as possible.


Territory management looks at your ideal customer profile (ICP) and what it will take to deliver them from a prospect to a customer. Followed by developing an action plan for how you will service the account going forward in the most cost-effective way that keeps the client engaged.


While some prospects will take longer to convert to customers it is better when entering a new territory that the ICP is clearly identified and prospected. Having a mix of accounts from Key Account, Small to medium business and new prospects.

After identifying the right clients, we will give you the tools to segment the time spent in each area and with each client looking strategically and how you can maximise the return on the outbound sales team.

Why your team needs sales training

Companies that struggle with ineffective territory planning suffer from additional sales planning challenges

64 percent of organizations feel they are either ineffective (31%) or only somewhat effective (33%) at territory design

Companies that effectively measure key territory design data have 8 percent higher sales objective achievement

More than two-thirds (83%) of organizations still use spreadsheets for territory design moderately or frequently


Who should attend Field Sales, Territory, Export and Leader


Duration 2 Days

Delivery Instructor-Led Workshop

Qualification Certificate in Professional Territory Management

Location Customers Premises or external room hire*

Participants 12 - 15 people


Defining a field sales Vs Inside

Calculate market area value

Client expectation Vs your abilities to service the client

Value proposition Vs Competitor

Competitor Analysis

Lead generation strategy

Measuring and testing lead generation

Visit schedule Vs Budget

Resources to service the outbound territory

Optimising leverage

Sales Playbook for territory, country and key accounts


Buyers persona

Learning what customers value most

Relative preference data

Price sensitive analysis

Customer Culture


Gate Keeper

Cold Vs Warm lead

Find, Qualify, Pitch, Win, Retain, Grow and Referral

Forms of communication

Arranging Appointments

Cascading to win

Building trust

Cultural differences


Selling when you are not the cheapest

Consortium selling

Trade Exhibitions


Sales funnel and sales pipeline

Moving the prospect along the buying process


Managing Outbound Sales Representatives

Non-performing sales representatives


Managing Export Sales

Systems and Processes

Market Data transfer

Time Management

Wiki Library

High Pay-Off Activities

1% Improvement


Primary Contractor and Tier Supply chain selling

Business Ethics


Safety and Security – soft and hard data, IP, talking outside, internet access

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