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When it comes to a high-value contract, with long lead-times and multiple stakeholders the course of our strategic and complex sale will give you a competitive edge on rivals. We look at the neuroscience of decision making and influencing along with shifting from selling to a trusted advisor.

Often with complex sales, there will be numerous influencers shaping the stakeholders thinking but getting to some of them can be difficult especially the back-office teams. We show you how to develop a system and processes so that you are nurturing a touchpoint system with both the stakeholders and influencers. Understanding their needs and concerns to provide a solution that gets all stakeholders buy-in.


The course looks at different cultural buying habits and how some countries expect negotiation with large discounts. We teach on a practical level how to submit a quote or tender that reflects the culture, allows you margin to move while keeping your integrity intact.


With all large scale projects especially those with teams across the globe the flow of information is critical, the course covers the art of communication and ensures that everything you are doing is moving the buying process forward or seeking to have a complete and full answer to your question.

As with all large-scale projects the operations side of the business and the wider supply chain need to be kept informed. We discuss the benefits of suppliers becoming your prime support suppliers were it becomes a team effort to deliver a wider project creating a win/win.

Why your team needs sales training

Today, there are an average of 7 decision-makers involved in the B2B buying process.

B2B buyers heavily research and compare competitor products.

81% of sales teams don’t audit their processes on a regular basis. 

The top selling challenges for 2019 are competing against low-cost providers 


Who should attend Account Manager, Business Development


Duration 2 Days

Delivery Instructor-Led Workshop

Qualification Certificate in Professional Strategic Selling

Location Customers Premises or external room hire*

Participants 12 - 15 people


Designate an account as strategic

Neuroscience of Sale

The Art and Science of Sales

Selection of the account manager

Developing a sales playbook

Time Management

Competitor Analysis

Market Intelligence

Cost Retention

Financial Acquisition


Conceptual Selling

Market Position, Price Sensitivity Analysis, Relative Preference Data


Managing long lead times

What to do when things go quiet


Key buyer’s persona

Aligning with and influencing each key buyer’s

Influencing the wider stakeholders and decision-making committee

Fostering client dependency on your offering

Cultural difference

Communicating with confidence

Cross-Functional teamwork

Creating Value Benefits

Pitching with Prototypes, Software, Product, and Service offering


Negotiating at C-Suite with multiple stakeholders

Knowing how to walkway but leave the door open

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