Get your sales career off to the best start with Sales Genesis, learn what it takes to be consistently successful. Develop a deep understanding of what customers want and how to sell to them.

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Learn how to build a system to Find, Nurture and Grow customers. Understand the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and how to increase the Lifetime Value (LTV) of a client. Understand the importance of High Pay-Off activities and the effects they have on your key accounts.



Strategic and complex accounts that have long sales cycles. multiple stakeholders and cultural differences require a multifaceted approach. Understand how to become a trusted advisor, an influencer and to negotiate with Directors and buying teams. Learn how to keep the sale moving forward when communications go quiet.


Sales Administration Management (SAM) has been carefully designed to assist both salespeople and non-salespeople. You will learn about Sales Pipeline, Sales Funnel, Customer Service, Bid Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.


If you’re a leader and in need of a fresh approach to inspire your sales team this course will help give you the critical tools to bring your sales team forward. During the course, we consider how your company Culture and Vision impact the sales team as individuals and how they sell. We help you identify the High Pay-Off Activities (HPA) to let you and your team focus on what really counts.


 And Onsite

Stephen hosts public sales training workshops year-round in cities worldwide. There is a high demand for sales training in the Middle East with numerous courses run in Dubai. But, if you’d rather have him over to your place, he’s happy to train your team at your location. I travel, so you don’t have to.










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Get Tailored Training

Stephen can adapt his training to meet your team's needs. Just tell him what you’re looking for. He will gear the existing workshops to address your industry, your timetable, or your company’s challenges. Or, he can turn your content into a custom workshop based on his methodology. Stephen is also available to come and speak at your location. Stephen will inspire your team while offering real stories and best practices to sell more.

Stephen's portfolio of clients he has worked with in his career.

Lets Connect

We’ll help you figure out which sales workshop is right for you and your team. Whether you need a brochure, find out about onsite private courses, public courses or anything else training related we are here to help you.

Our sales training workshops can help if:

  • You have salespeople with all their own style of selling.

  • You want to have systems and processes in your sales team.

  • You need your sales team to focus on the High Pay-Off Activities and have a fresh way of sales thinking.

  • You’ve got a great product or service and message, but you fall short when it comes to selling it.



For members of the press or those seeking to book Stephen as a keynote speaker.


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