Having spent 20 years selling to large organisations across the world, I know first-hand the number of objections that come from the sales team when the word training is mentioned. Top performing salespeople are often shielded by business leaders worried that enforcing any form of training whether that be on selling or a new computer system would antagonise the person and that they might leave and go to the competitor.

My first response to that is; have you ever seen a sports team with a player not taking coaching lessons or directions from a manager? That happens at the amateur level and I would like to think most businesses are better than amateurs given the investment that leaders have made in the business. Secondly, would you hypothetically go into a war with other soldiers who have not trained, have not roleplayed the battle scenarios, shooting formations etc?

There are not 100 ways to sell your offering just the best way, and there are not thousands of reasons why a customer won’t buy from you. The training that I give is to show you how to bring a potential prospect along the buying journey, a journey that is mapped out to nurture the prospect and handle objections. It is then the role of the sales professional to practise until it becomes fluent and there is not a need for a script.



Focus on high payoff activities to deliver the results needed


How buyers purchase has changed, how will you stand out in a crowded market? 


Do you have a system where everyone is striving for continuous improvement

Businesses can spend years and significant resources trying to find the ultimate way to grow their sales. Business leaders know what they’re selling, and that they will make money by selling it, but it’s easy to focus on the “low hanging fruit” / the easy sale without consideration given to the cost to service the account which is often were salespeople get pulled into managing an account that has a low growth value.

While low pay-off activities may not be detrimental in the short term it will ultimately stunt the growth of the business. We know that salespeople cannot be 100% productive all the time, however, we can help improve their efficiency by identifying and focusing on high-payoff activities (HPA).


When it comes to selling, autonomy is often given to individuals to use their own style, system and processes to secure and retain clients, but with the advancements in AI and algorithms businesses must have a coordinated and thought out system and processes that everyone on the sales team follows. Can you as a business leader afford to discover that after six months or a year that the new sales rep is increasing the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and that the Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) is being reduced as they are either not purchasing the add-on features of your product or are opting to move to a rival?

At Bathurst we don’t go in for the cliché of thinking outside the box as there is no lines or box anymore, when a child can achieve millions of followers on social media and have brands lining up to have their products endorsed resulting in creating child millionaires sales professionals and businesses must re-think how to get and keep the competitive edge and that’s exactly what Stephen does best.


The operations side of a business has adopted continuous improvement models like Kaizen, Total Quality Management (TQM), Value Stream Mapping and 5s (Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardise and Sustain) since the 1980s but its only with the rise of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that the sales team have started to use mapping like sales cadence to understand the touchpoints of a prospect and client.

It would be inconceivable to switch off a machine on a Monday morning or Friday afternoon for fear that the operator is just getting started for the week or is on the wind-down, but often sales calls and meeting are not scheduled during these times for that very reason. Two half-days a week or 48 days a year non-selling time factor that by the salespeople and the days become quickly triple-digit even for organisations with a small sales team.

We seek to improve your sales team by 1% per day or at a factor of 10.89% on 240 workdays per year. If each of your sales team was to increase their sales by 10.89% how would that contribute to your bottom line? Alternatively, 48 more selling days per year another month and a half worth of sales.



For those new to sales out Foundation course walks you through every step of the sales process to get your career off to the best start possible

Level One


Level Two


Learn to create an organisation places customer service at the heart. Understand employee empowerment, and sales channels.

Level Three


Define a Key Account and learn how to build your offering as a trusted advisor and partner. Learn to stress against losing the client or change in decision makers

Level Four


The Bid Management course is bespoke to the individual organisation ranging from being Bid Ready through to submitting seven figure bids.


For members of the press or those seeking to book Stephen as a keynote speaker.


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