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Unlike traditional certificates, diplomas or master disciplines such as finance, marketing, or manufacturing management, most universities offer few, if any courses, on selling or sales management. If anything, the name salesperson conjures up the sleazy and pushy car salesman.

In addition, few companies offer comprehensive sales management training programs for their sales managers which is counterintuitive because sales are the lifeblood of any business.

The reality is that most sales managers learn how to manage through on-the-job experience. Often, sales managers are former sales professionals (star performers) who get promoted into management with little or no training in managing sales teams.

Managing a sales team is probably the most challenging position in any company, requiring a unique set of skills. Sales managers are responsible for a range of diverse tasks, including recruiting and hiring new sales professionals, managing a sales pipeline, coaching, sales forecasting, and leadership and motivation. In many organisations, sales managers are required to both sell and manage. Additionally, they face the challenge of managing sales professionals who are typically independent, strong-willed, and often have little day-to-day contact with their managers.

Companies tend to assume that successful sales professionals will make successful sales managers. This is a flawed assumption. Think about professional sports where many great players ended up being mediocre coaches. Likewise, great sales professionals often have a hard time making the transition to management.

The key reason the transition from sales professional to a sales manager can be challenging is that each role requires a different set of skills and knowledge.

Why your team needs sales training

58 percent of buyers report that sales reps are unable to answer their questions effectively.

82% of B2B decision-makers think sales reps are unprepared.

According to a recent report, the best sales training will improve the performance of an individual on average by 20%.

65% of employees say the quality of training and learning opportunities positively influences their engagement.


Who should attend Sales Manager and Leader


Duration 2 Days

Delivery Instructor-Led Workshop

Qualification Certificate in Professional Sales Management

Location Customers Premises or external room hire*

Participants 5 - 10 people


What is a sales manager’s real role?

Setting the standards

Company Vision, Culture and Key People

Igniting emotional engagement


What is the best way to sell?

How should sales representatives find, qualify, pitch, close, retain, grow and ask for referrals

Telephone preparation and debriefing

Field sales preparation and debriefing


Managing Objections

Sales Change

Selling in a team


Sales Playbook

Developing a sales strategy

Working with technology

Mapping the sales cadence

Sales Forecasting


The Sales Representative and the Sales Manager

Managing Performance

Managing Different types of teams

Managing Experts

Sales Coaching

Non-Performing Sales Representatives


Setting Salary and bonus

Time Management

Urgent Vs Important

Reporting System and Information flow

Wiki Library

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Office Politics

Business Ethics


Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced)

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