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Program Overview

Sales Genesis is intended to give Sales Executives and those new to sales a 360° insight into what it takes to be successful in the complex world of selling. The workshop looks at the characterises of a great salesperson while stripping away the myths. We teach and inspire you to find, qualify, win, retain, grow and gain referrals from the right customers. With real examples, we explain that it's not about selling but about consulting and to consult you have to ask great questions and be able to listen to what the customer needs, which might not be what you have to sell.

​The course looks at the high pay-off activities that you need to do each day, to maximise your chances of reaching you sales targets. There is no magical formula to selling but there are systems and processes, we will show you how to use them to win more clients.

Learning Objective

In Sales Genesis, you will learn how to:

  • The persona of a sales professional

  • Build Trust

  • Why salespeople fear cold calls

  • Handling Objections

  • Selling to difficult customers

  • Conveying your message

  • Understanding the buyer's journey

  • Getting past the gatekeeper

  • Find, qualify, win, retain, grow and gain referrals

  • What to do when a sale stalls

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Program Approach

Training is not a one and done, it is a lifelong process of being committed to sales excellence, knowledge of the tools, systems and processes and how to improve on the results. The approach Stephen McComb uses includes:

Customisation: For all closed courses we provided scenarios and content that are specific to your industry. We do our homework before the workshop and then tailor the modules to be most relevant and effective for your learning needs.

Tools: We provide the systems and processes that can be easily implemented by sales individuals and by the wider sales team.

Learning through Action: In the same way that a sports team practise and train before a game, we have participants put into action what they have heard and the notes they have taken.

Learning and Understanding: Salespeople are provided with a wealth of knowledge in the sales training documents along with best practises from leading organisations from across the globe.

Delivery Option

Sales Genesis is an instructor-led training course over two full days. The course can either be held on your business premises or alternative at an external site such as a local hotel of your choice.

Sales Genesis will also be held as public courses in the following cities in 2020. Abu Dhabi, Belfast, Doha, Dubai, Dublin, Kuwait City, Manama and Muscat.

Please contact us for our schedule.

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Closed workshop program content and modules are tailored to your industry and your product or service needs. Each module has the insight, skills, systems and processes you will need to succeed.

  • Welcome to selling

  • Attributes of a top-performing salesperson

  • Market Intelligence, who is the competitor

  • Understanding the Buyers Journey: Awareness, Consideration and Decision

  • Who is the ideal customer

  • What to say, when

  • Why prospects object and how to overcome opposition

  • Using a sales playbook and while it's vital

  • The 1440 rule of time

  • Reporting Systems

  • Its time to start selling


Thousands of hours of research have been given to each training course along with Stephen McComb own sales experience which surpasses over 20 years. We draw on institutions like McKinsey, PwC, Roland Berger, Bains & Company and so many more to bring you the latest market thinking and statistical data. Leveraging company best practices, we examine industry success stories and strip back why failures occurred.

Stephen is currently writing his first book on sales – The law of the Sales Jungle, with the book, well underway in its first draft it is scheduled for release in May / June 2021.

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