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In a study by the CRM company Salesforce they discovered that 44% of companies did not have a system or tool in place to qualify market leads. And with up to 79% of leads never converting to a customer, businesses need a system and processes to qualify a lead while having a clear and concise sales cadence to convert the prospect to a client.

There is a common mistake among many businesses that they use the words sales pipeline and funnel believing that they are the same thing which is not correct. They both describe the flow of prospects through a sale, but there’s an important difference between the two commonly confused terms.

A sales pipeline is a set of stages that a prospect moves through, as they progress from a new lead to a customer. Unlike a sales pipeline, which focuses on the set of actions taken by sellers, a sales funnel represents the quantity and conversion rates of prospects through your pipeline stages.

The two tools are critical to business leaders, managers and sales representatives as they exactly see the efficiency of a sales representative and sales department. By knowing the drop off rate of prospects as they move through the funnel, they will allow managers and marketers to clearly know how many prospects they need at the top of the funnel to convert the customers required to make the sales quota.

Mapping out the sales process and knowing what happens at each stage, overcoming the objectives at each section will allow the sales representative to better qualify the prospect and ultimately convert them to a customer.

Why your team needs sales training

High-performing sales teams use nearly three times the amount of sales technology than underperforming teams

81% of companies say productivity would improve with better process, skills, or competency training

65% of salespeople who use social selling to fill their pipeline, compared to 47% of reps who do not.

According to Salesforce, a full 68% of companies have not identified or attempted to measure a sales funnel


Who should attend Sales Manager, Sales Professionals 


Duration 1 Days

Delivery Instructor-Led Workshop

Qualification Certificate in Professional Sales Pipeline & Funnel

Location Customers Premises or external room hire*

Participants 12 - 15 people


Difference in a sales funnel and a sales pipeline

Market Intelligence and how it works with a pipeline and funnel

Market Channels

Understanding Inbound / Outbound marketing leads

Lifetime Customer Value (LTV) and Cost of Acquisition (CAC)

Building a sales system

Customer Relationship Management

Microsoft Excel Advanced tools

Acquiring and preparing data

Qualitative Reports


Sales Cadence

Pipeline Review

Measure, Amend, Implement

Sales win with no funnel and pipeline

Working with experts

Overcoming Objection from within the sales team

Important Vs Urgent


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