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According to research from Gallup, 70% of change efforts do not achieve the desired outcomes. In fact, 52% fail with no evidence of change, and in some cases, change efforts result in long-term damage to the sales organisation.

Central to successful organisational change is engaged senior leaders who actively champion the strategic change. To support your senior leadership in their roles as a change champion, we offer a change management programme to help them communicate and reinforce key selling behaviours and how technology integrates with the strategic vision of your organisation.

The programme is carefully designed to provoke deep thinking on how technology can be used to enhance your competitive advantage in selling. We help you review traditional selling models Vs using new multiple sales channel by harnessing technology. Understanding the cost to acquire a customer (CAC) in Outbound Vs Inside selling or the Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) and how you can best serve your customers and acquire new clients in the future.

It is easy to look back with hindsight and state we predicted Uber or Airbnb, but both have completely revolutionised their respective industries of private taxi hire and accommodation rental. Airbnb in a recent study accounted for 8.3% of the total rooms let in North America, how many multi-national hotel chains foreseen the gravity of threat from a tech company before Airbnb founded in 2008? We look at stress testing your sales model and your competitive advantages both today and how it will adapt to be relevant in the future.

While we can provide systems and processes we know that it’s about implementation and getting your message across to your sales team which is what Stephen has done for 20 years in international sales.

Why your team needs sales training

It’s critical your organisation has a clearly defined process for finding, interviewing and hiring high-performing reps.

With the internet at our fingertips, consumer’s have the ability to research and compare solutions like no generation before

More empowered buyers has resulted in longer sales cycles. People no longer go straight to the source to make purchase decisions.

This shift in behavior should be taken seriously by any sales team, whether inside or out in the field


Who should attend Sales Leaders and Senior Sales People 


Duration 1 Days

Delivery Instructor-Led Workshop

Qualification Certificate in Professional Sales Change

Location Customers Premises or external room hire*

Participants 12 - 15 people


The infinite game

Hearts Vs head count

Worthy rivalry

Just cause

Understands that sometimes others have the better product.

Learn that there is no such thing as winning, only ahead and behind.

Understands the only true competitor is yourself.


Product offering life cycle

Customer channels traditional Vs new

Embrace and harness technology in sales

Measuring Sales Performance

Sales Change Process

Developing a system and processes

Implementing a new system and processes

Stress testing for future threats


Company culture and vision

Emotional Engagement

Key People in Key Positions

Managing experts and high performers


Leading in difficult and uncertain times

When change must happen but it’s hard

Business Ethics

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