Sales Genesis

Designed for both graduates and those with less formal education Sales Genesis provides a complete 360 view of what it takes to be both successful in sales and the characteristics needed to be consistent. The art versus the science of selling is evaluated with emphasis on fear of rejection, knowing what to say and procrastination.


The course shows you how to find the right clients for your business, how to listen and ask great questions and how to overcome objections. Sales Genesis is the ultimate course for new beginners in sales or for organisations that want to provide all their sales team with a foundation level of sales knowledge.

Keep and Grow

Who are the top ten prospects in your business that if you won even one of them it would transform your business? What are the full company resources in time and money being allocated to service each client you win? Regrettably, around 30% of salespeople can’t complete the first question while 82% of salespeople admit to not knowing or even concerned about the second question. Keep and Grow will help you to Find, Qualify, Win, Retain, Grow and Gain referrals from the prospects that you can add value to and in turn can offer you long-term growth.

By Design

In today’s changing market selling to the C-Suite, multiple stakeholders, cultural divergences, external procurement specialists or as a second-tier supplier, buying and selling has never been more complex. When selling as a team By Design will give you and your colleagues the confidence and structures to keep the sale on course even when the buying cycle is long. Stephen talks in the course about his own experience, and how simple questions can be interpreted completely different and take a week to answer. Keeping non-salespeople on point, listening to clients’ needs and concerns.


Sales Administration Management (SAM) has been carefully created to assist both the salespeople and non-salespeople. You will learn about Sales Pipeline, Sales Funnel, Customer Service, Bid Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Clients decide what part of SAM they need with the training course then tailored to your needs.

Bid Management we take you from being bid ready through to submitting a proposal. Customer Service the programme explores world-leading businesses with a detailed breakdown of the systems and processes they are using. Sales Pipeline unwraps how prospects are engaging, at what point in the cycle and maps out the journey to converting them to a customer. While the Sales Funnel quantifies the numbers at each stage.


You had the courage to start your own business or maybe you have worked hard to move through the ranks and are now a senior manager but however, you reached the position did you really attract the best clients as you fought to make payroll or fulfil those early contracts in the business? Leader Sales training is a hard-hitting course on What, How, Why. What will you do when the Airbnb or Uber of your industry shows up? How, will you sustain your market share, Why, are you offering what you offer?


Stephen meets each of your challenges head-on if its sales change you need, or your sale team to be either nudged or pushed in a new direction Leader will strip bare your sales strategy and rebuild it to conquer any challenges ahead.


Sales Genesis
Keep and Grow
By Design
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