Write a sales email that will get opened

While everyone talks about email marketing and email automation through the likes of Mail-Chimp do not rule out the power of snail mail. Considering the amount of promotional email’s, we all get sent daily, it is little wonder that only a small percentage of sales emails get opened so if you have a potential key account that you want to win consider sending a letter on quality paper and a smart envelope, chances are it will at least get opened.

I have found the below 10 points to be the most effective ways of sending a sales email/letter.

1. When you send a sales email/letter consider firstly what does the customer need and not what you have to sell. By engaging firstly with the customers needs will allow you to tailor the solution to them.

2. Know the person's name. If you don’t know it, find it as Dear Sir / Madam does not show you have done much research on the company.

3. Give the customer a reason to read past the first line. It could be as simple as we met last week before the upcoming exhibition or I thought you would be interested in the latest widget which is 50% lighter, cheaper and comes in an array of colours.

4. Keep it short, you wouldn’t read pages upon pages of information so don’t expect your customer to.

5. Avoid sending downloads or links, if the customer doesn’t know you and you're maybe new to the market why would someone trust to download contents from an unsolicited email?

6. When stating details about your product/service keep it to around one paragraph, state the headline-grabbing Unique Selling Points (USP) and that’s it.

7. If you say you will follow-up with a telephone call in a few days, make sure you do. If they are not available to take the call send an email that you called and have them suggest a convenient time to call.

8. There must always be a call to action. What is it you want the customer to do? Visit your website, visit your showroom, schedule an appointment. Whatever it is make it clear and give the customer a good reason to engage and move the sales process to the next level.

9. Use a testimony from a high-profile client or quote the users of the product or service weekly/monthly.

10. Keep it professional, avoid text abbreviations and make sure to spell check before sending.

Lastly, stay within the law under the CAN-SPAM Act if you are going to send bulk emails you must have an unsubscribe or opt-out link in your email.

I would suggest writing two completely different sales emails/letters and see which one gets the most responses. Refine the one that got the most responses and send it out in its original and refined format and again monitor to see which one gets the most responses. Continue the process until you have the optimum sales email.

PS: If you have a sales team and one person finds their template works make sure the whole team are using it!

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