Are you spending less than 4 hours a week selling

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

After 25 years of selling internationally, I have concluded that most salespeople only sell for 3 hours per week.

Work Hours 40hrs

Travel to customers (3hrs per day) 15hrs 37.5%

Paperwork/Admin/Internal Meeting (2hrs per day) 10 hrs 25%

Breaks/Lunch (30min) 2hrs 30mi 6.3%

Time Wasting (18min per day) 1hr 30min 3.8%

Active Selling 11hrs 27.5%

70/30 Rule - 70% is the right customer 30% is the wrong person or customer the salesperson is trying to sell to.

70% 7hrs 42min

30% 3hrs 18min

Selling time Vs general discussion and conversation

General talking 4hrs 37min

Selling 3hrs 5min

If the above numbers are reflective of your business and you want to improve your sales I would welcome the opportunity to have your sales team on one of our upcoming Territory Management Sales Training Course.

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