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Is your company ready to tackle the intense sales challenges that businesses face today?

Your salespeople are the best opportunity you have, to grow your business, but do you have a clear learning and development plan for the sales team and individuals? The common misconception of sales is that it’s the individual panache and ability to speak that determines if someone is successful while others will only analyse the performance based on sales results.

If your salespeople do not find, qualify, win, retain, grow and gain referrals all in the same way, there is no way to measure an individual’s true performance. Selling is all about systems and processes.

Sales Growth

Sales Growth, where is it going to come from? A number or percentage decided at a strategy meeting is often how many organisations decide their growth rate. In turn, those targets are handed to the sales team with often no other information other than the numbers and a client/prospect list. Stephen continually poses the question, is this how the operations side of the business works, people just produce a given number of units?

There are systems and processes in operations with nothing produced without a detailed plan, specifications, drawings, materials why then should the sales department be any different? If you have opted for sales growth, we can show you how to grow strategically using systems and processes.

Sales Change

Designing the right sales strategy starts with the senior management asking the right questions. What is the portfolio we sell to clients and how are they reached? What type of sales function do we need, is it inbound or outbound? Do we need account managers, how many, will there be key accounts, what defines a key account? How many sales reps are on the ground, are they in the right sectors and territories? Which clients do we want to work with, why them, and how are we going to win them? Stephens sales courses provide best practices and industry benchmarks to build a winning sales organisation. We give you the tools to design the functions, processes and responsibilities.


Each of the five courses Sales Genesis, Keep & Grow, By Design, Sales Administration Management (SAM) and Leader have been prepared to give the audience the most information for what they need in their role. We draw on industry standards and best practises examining both business success and failure stories.

Closed Workshops: When you partner with us for a sales training course the course will be more tailored to your unique circumstances and industry.

Open Workshops: We aim to find out as much about each person’s needs before the workshop and will endeavour to incorporate those needs into the workshop or address specific industry questions. We find that the best outlet to have specific questions answered is in our Q&A after each module alternatively clients can email Stephen directly and he will respond in person.

Understanding the buyers journey

It is widely accepted in most industries that the buyer’s journey is approximately 70% completed before they engage with a seller. This is due in part to the vast amount of information available on the internet but also due to customers not settling for just what is out there but rather seeking features and benefits that are aligned to their organisation. Being able to conceptualise the path that the buyer takes from initially contacting your organisation is critical, the more data obtained will show any stress points, delays in reaching a decision and overall it can help in creating a better customer buying experience.


You can have Stephen McComb present at your next event, business conference or networking event.  Stephens sales speaking topic: Selling When You’re The Most Expensive, Going Global, When You Can't Give It Away and his favourite topic What War Can teach Sales People.

When you engage with Stephen McComb to speak, present or train at your conference seminar, or event, we make it easy to promote. When you make an enquiry, we provide you with a media pack include Stephens Bio, High and Low-resolution images for your advertisements, flyers and website.


Working on the front lines of the world's most challenging markets


For over 20 years Stephen McComb has been working hand-in-hand with customers to make the world safer, desirable and more efficient through selling clients what they wanted.


Stephen’s experience spans a group of diverse markets, each of global importance. Taking his extensive experience, he delivers the next generation of sales training solutions necessary for today’s rapidly changing environment. Explore Stephens market experience, today. 


We bring to each client relationship our knowledge of the Defence, Blue Light, Manufacturing, SaaS, Textiles and Clothing, E-commerce, Retail and Hospitality sector and understand your challenges.  Working throughout the globe Stephen McComb is in a unique position to teach and inspire you from actual selling experiences, what has taken him over 20 years is taught in each of the five sales training programmes. Let our sales training help you discover opportunities, to leverage resource, to focus on the high pay-off activities using systems and processes for selling.

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