We are focused on several key markets where we know we can add the most value given Stephen McCombs experience. We don’t teach the bland theory of textbooks sales but rather give you the unedited version of working on the frontline when not hitting the target can cost jobs or knowing what to say when a demonstration doesn’t go to plan.

What do you do when your product goes global overnight? How do you build a winning sales strategy that your team can all follow? It's not easy, but Stephen can show you his systems and processes he used to deliver multi-million-pound accounts on every continent.

stephen mccomb defence sales training


The defence sector worldwide grew in 2019 as security threats intensified, requiring governments worldwide to continue increasing their defence budgets. Defence expenditure is expected to grow between 3% in 2020 to reach an estimated US$1.9 trillion, as governments worldwide continue to modernise and recapitalise their militaries. Most of the growth will likely be driven by increased defence spending in the United States, as well as in other regions, such as China and India.

With NATO countries striving to meet their 2% GDP on defence, organisations have the opportunity to capitalise on strategic long-term supply and works contracts. Find out how Stephen’s By Design sales training program can help you stay ahead in the defence sector.


It is hard to escape the Amazon effect in the last 10 years or the rise in e-commerce trade with $3.53 trillion US Dollars spend on global retail trade in 2019. The B2C business model is based on customer experience which is why Stephen McComb draws on examples such as the US footwear seller Zappos who have become synonymous with customer service.

For many non-SAAS businesses they use their website as more of a marketing brochure than a sales tool. Stephen shows that by analysing what webpages are being landed on, most time spent on or how prospects are exiting the site can help generate leads and ultimately improve sales.

stephen mccomb Ecommerce sales training
stephen mccomb hospitality sales training


You don’t need a sales training organisation to tell you the impact that Airbnb has had on the hospitality sector or that it can be ignored. The RevPAR is being directly affected and hotel chains need to look for innovative ways to fill rooms.

Stephen uses the modelling of luxury goods, high street brands and then discount retailer to show there is a correlation that the experience of one client is to stay in a hotel for the experience it affords versus the guest choosing the sites around them as their main focus on the experience.

At the heart of Stephens teaching is data and how to leverage that data. What is bringing guests to your hotel and how can you offer more of that experience.


Manufacturers are at continued risk for disruption. Amid ongoing volatility in costs, environmental and ethical policy decisions, the ability for a manufacturer to stay competitive in whatever sector they trade is difficult.

Stephen teaches that to be successful you can never stop innovating your products, giving the customer the features and benefits they want and always creating a wow factor when the next version is released.

A well-trained sales team is at the heart of sustaining manufacturing sales, but how will you succeed against rivals? Stephen illustrates that all objectives including price can be overcome and that you should always be giving value-added service and support.

Appointing dealers, agents, distributors, resellers are all favourites of Stephen McComb and he can teach you the best industry practises that he has used.

stephen mccomb manufacturing sales training

Public Sector

The public safety market was valued at USD 11.15 billion in 2019, and it is expected to reach USD 50.64 billion by 2025. Increasing awareness about the importance of security, replacement of obsolete architecture, rise in hazardous industrial explorations, among other factors is expected to drive the demand for public safety software [Mordor Intelligence].

Securing lucrative tenders in the sector requires a vast amount of resources with often an extensive 3-4 years buying cycle. Stephen McComb in the Sales Administration Management (SAM) maps out the tender process and with By Design demonstrates how you can win contracts within the sector.

stephen mccomb selling to the public sector


The retail market has never been more competitive with shoppers both willing to pay for luxury items while saving money on everyday essentials. Stephen McComb looks at the retail in the way that he has manufacturing the flow of the product as it moves around the factory. What is the buyer's experience as the frequent the aisles, the product displays and lighting?

Product knowledge in retail regardless of what is being sold is critical. Being able to be a trusted advisor and not simply making a transactional purchase is key to building long term clients.

Stephen teaches that mirror prospects words is vital, being able to move through the awareness and decision stage and allow the prospect to make a decision without interrupting the decision-making process.

stephen mccomb retail sales training
stephen mccomb conceptual selling


As per the analysis presented by Market Research Future (MRFR), the global software as a service market is predicted to grow exponentially in the forthcoming years. The market is poised to strike a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 21% during the forecast period. It has been estimated that the global Software as a Service Market will reach a valuation of USD 117 Bn by the end of 2022.

From pre-seed of FFF, business angels and Accelerators through to seed capital and onto the various series of funding to IPO a well-devised sales strategy needs not only to be formulated but numbers must be hit in order to secure additional funds.

Stephen gives in his sales workshops the systems and processes required to conceptual sell, to keep large scale infrastructure projects on track and to understand the LTV and CAC of each transaction in the smaller subscription models.

Textile and Clothing

The global market place for clothing is once again shifting China as the powerhouse is seeing Cambodia and Myanmar in the last year take some of the market shares with African countries like Rwanda, Kenya and Ethiopia having start-up sewing factories supplying both the European and US markets.


From yarn to selling to the fashion houses of Paris and Milan Stephen McComb brings a global perspective to the textile and clothing industry and can help you to develop a winning strategy in a competitive market.

stephen mccomb fashion sales training


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