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When many businesses are financially stress-tested, they come to a full understanding of the impact of losing a major account would have on their business. Today B2B customers change suppliers based on buying experience, ease of doing business, cultural alignment, product benefits before price, quality and features are considered, and the rate of change has never been greater. The insight shapes the purchase of capital equipment or in today’s modern market the leasing of such equipment and the exit terms of any such contract. Losing a major account can stunt the short-term growth with financial reserves being used to acquire additional accounts to bridge the loss in business. Having a customer that has a perceived prestige either in the industry or in the general marketplace can also quickly cascade into further major account loses.

Deciding to assign a customer the status as a key account should not be taken lightly as the assigned Key Account Executive needs to be able to move from a seller to a trusted advisor. They need to be able to penetrate the customers business at multiple levels such as purchasing, R&D, Operations, Senior Management while matching their own colleagues to those of the client.

Our Key Account Course helps attendees to map the what-ifs, develop a strategic plan to build and grow the account until you become a trusted partner and the cost to replace you as the customer's supplier would either be unthinkable or would take serious consideration.

Why your team needs sales training

In Sales you ‘sell’, in KAM you help customer ‘buy’.

Tracking average contract value (ACV) with lifetime value (LTV) and your customer acquisition cost (CAC) increases ACV by 75%

84% of buyers now start their buying process with a referral.

Companies with KAM in place generate 208% more revenue for their marketing efforts.


Who should attend Key Account, Territory, Export, Strategy 

Duration 2 Days

Delivery Instructor-Led Workshop

Qualification Certificate in Professional Key Account Management

Location Customers premises or external room hire*

Participants 12 - 15 people


Defining what a key account should be

Becoming a trusted advisor

Trusted advisor Vs Competitive Seller

Mapping the customer journey

Customer Alignment

Cost to service a Key Account

Customer Value for growth

Selling to a key account


Sales strategy for growth

Value-based pricing

Selling when you are not the cheapest

Understanding and analysing the competitor

Sales playbook

Strategic negotiation and the non-negotiable


How to influence

Upsell and cross-sell

Ease of a Key Account to switch suppliers

When a Key Account leaves

Crises Management

Winning back a Key Account


Time Management

High Pay-Off Activates


Touchpoint system

Joint marketing


Trade exhibitions

Primary Contractor and Tier Supply chain selling

Business Ethics


Bad debt, late account payment

Safety and Security – soft and hard data, IP, talking outside, internet access

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