Don’t leave your RevPAR to Online Travel Agents, increase your revenue on your terms

The hotel industry has traditionally benefitted from people tourists taking a holiday, the business traveller staying for work or the event going relaxing before the concert. Airbnb and other home-sharing platforms have revolutionised the short term stay and has made even the multinational hotel chains act to defend their market share.

Having been a prime contractor to many iconic hotels including the Burj Al Arab, Dubai, UAE Stephen McComb understands that ADR or the RevPAR are only the start of the matrix to understand the changing market dynamics. Selling the benefits of a hotel, the experiences, the service are all leverages that Stephen teaches to promote along with upselling and brand loyalty.  

The Experience

They say first impressions last and this isn’t any different for the hospitality industry. But what impression are your properties making on guests when they first arrive until they leave? Does your property accurately reflect your brand and the kind of experience you’re aiming to provide your guest?

Change is inevitable, and rather than resist, the industry must adapt. This is, of course, if you want to remain competitive. While guest engagement is critical throughout all phases of the customer journey, pre-arrival touchpoints can have the biggest impact. If you get that phase of the journey correct and understand key pieces of information (e.g. what the customer is expecting upon arrival, what type of room they prefer, who are they travelling with), the better experience you’ll provide.

From our point of view, educational support for hoteliers will be high on our agenda in 2020. Learn how to effectively implement smart digital marketing and merchandising strategies, develop a deeper understanding of diverse guest behaviours and trends, as well as achieve long-term organic growth independent of third-party channels.

Customer Loyalty and Retention

Building loyal customer is an integral part of any business, customers who repeatedly purchase, that are unofficial brand ambassadors and will promote your product to others in their cycle without being prompt. Understanding what it is that makes them loyal, is vitally important, can you model and recreate it, can you give the customer more of what keeps them loyal? Mixing in anyway with what makes a customer loyal must be done very carefully and always in consultation with the customer.

We all know that retaining customers is more cost effective than acquiring new clients, but some companies take that a bit too literally. Choosing to retain a customer must be part of your decision as a supplier, does the customer align to your company vision and values? Is the customer resource intensive, that’s acceptable if you factored that into the price but if you haven’t the longer it goes on it will stunt your growth and service to other clients

Achieve Commercial Excellence

Often businesses become stagnated in growth, caught up with maintaining market share and defending often single digit margins in mature or competitive markets. As businesses grow it is easy to attract the wrong client and then by default margins are squeezed and resources stretched to service the account. Stephen takes you on a step by step process to identify your target customer and what your value proposition is to them, differentiating yourself from rivals or would be up-starts. Taking the strategic decision to incrementally grow market share in a mature market or even compete in a competitive category, sector or geographical location is modelled to be help you understand how to best place your resources. By focusing on the ideal customer and nurturing them for growth can yield greater financial rewards that competing to win a client who you are not positioned to best serve.

MICE and Corporate Accounts

Hotels properties generate most of their revenue from their bedrooms, right? Wrong. Today, the modern hotel of any size and at any location should have at least five revenue streams that all help to drive the other four. This means that if you are concentrating your marketing and enquiry conversion strategies on bedrooms you are missing out on increasing your other revenues streams and underperforming on the daily room revenue.

What is the growing industry in your territory that will fit with your property? Stephen helps you develop a strategy to laser focus on generating more enquiries for this specific sector and then converting them to customers. Can you provide a “Leisure” Business and Leisure experience? or what truly sets you apart from your competitors.

Customer Targeting and Value Proposition

You may know the leading buyers in your market segment you might even be a supplier to some of them. Defining who those companies are and what value proposition you can bring to them is crucial if you want to grow your business.

Often business leaders will look at it as a one size fits all approach for the sector, prospects and customers when their needs are different. Stephen in his sales training strips back the customer wish list and takes an honest look at what it takes to become a supplier to some of the leading organisations of the world. You may not have the infrastructure or finances to service one of those multinationals but Stephen helps you identify where your niche is in the supply chain and how strategically you can become a second or third tier supplier who is gaining knowledge of what its like to be a part of the wider supply chain.

Using advanced internet searches Stephen can show you how to extract market data on your sector to analyse the size of a geographical area for your offering or the sales data of competitors products.

Customer Experience

Leading organisations of the world place the customer experience before the product or service they offer. We have all probably witnessed the social media outburst of dissatisfied customers with queues of people and no business representative their to assist. The damage social media can do to a brand can be instant and unforgiving.

As products and services become more commoditised businesses need additional ways to differentiate themselves from rivals. As opposed to considering the buyers journey in its totality there are numerous touchpoints of engagement along the way that make up the customer experience. Designing the customer experience or CX requires reshaping of how your business interacts with prospects, changing a call centre to stay on the phone or messaging service until the prospect has had all their answers fulfilled can create a better customer experience but not having enough inside sales people to meet the demand will increase wait time and prospect dropout rate or customer dissatisfaction.

Learn and model what leading organisations are doing to increase their customers experience and how you can implement that process into your organisation.

End to End Customer Journey

To understand the buyers, journey a business needs to reshape its internal thinking of how it views the customer. Stephen McComb in his sales training workshops helps your salespeople to understand.

Place the customer at the centre of your business: It is not about your organisation needs but rather of how you can help the customer get theirs.

What is the customers perspective: What benefits does the customer truly need and how can the features of your product or service give them what they need? Just because a customer may say they feel they want something by asking great questions a professional salesperson should be able to recommend the best option for them, without placing price anywhere in the conversation.

Silo Mentality: Traditional working silos of not sharing information or collaborating need to be replaced with systems of sharing data, trends, competitor offerings.

Infinite: Working to achieve a sales target, growth rate is a milestone that when reached is reset, working though with the infinite mindset that you want to create meaningful results for clients will in turn grow your sales.

Sales Success Secrets

Stephen McComb has extensive international sales experience working with multinational blue-chip organisations for over 20 years. Through our inspiring sales training courses, we help our clients sales team transition from a sales trainee through to tomorrows leader. Knowing that each sector is different while each business has its own unique needs, Stephen McComb will give you the strategies, systems and processes to create lasting profitable clients.


We help companies and individual salespeople understand that to succeed in business they must play the infinite game and not the finite game of merely making a sale, but rather they must make a client, an advocate who is willing to promote your offering to others without being prompted.


Stephen McComb challenges conventional B2C of sales by demonstrating that a social influencer can stand in front of a mobile phone and attract millions of social media hits, engagements and convert those interactions into actual sales. A recent McKinsey report showed that 74% of the buyer's journey was complete before they engaged with a salesperson such is the level of information available on the internet.    

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