Whether you are a seasoned salesperson who doesn’t think you need sales training through to a novice starting out on your sales career Stephen McComb has designed five sales training courses which will assist you to sell more using Stephens tried and tested systems and processes. Why do you need training? Have you ever seen a sports team show up without practise first? They have a game plan for each competitor, they don’t get to compete until they have demonstrated they are good enough and have learned what to do. Have you don’t that, or are you practising on prospects and clients?


Developing a winning mindset in sales is critical for an organisation’s success, after all without sales every business will fail its simply a matter of time. Having salespeople inspired to win the best prospects that are right for their organisation and to quickly identify those that are not right for your organisation are both crucial. 

Tactics & Tools

Manufacturing has Kaizen, TQM, 6 Sigma and Quality has BSI, EN ISO or AQS each of which has complex systems and processes for how something should be done. In the sales department while many organisations have adopted a CRM system or internal procedures for booking a order the tactics and tools to find, qualify, win, retain, grow and receive referrals is unfortunately in many organisations missing.


Businesses are forced to constant and accelerating market change but dealing with employee resistance to those changes is troublesome at best. Stephen explains in his workshops why sales change must occur giving reasoning and showing examples of organisations that failed to change and are now assigned to the history books.

Our Business

We help companies and individual salespeople understand that to succeed in business they must play the infinite game and not the finite game of merely making a sale, but rather they must make a client, an advocate who is willing to promote your offering to others without being prompted.


Stephen McComb challenges conventional B2C of sales by demonstrating that a social influencer can stand in front of a mobile phone and attract millions of social media hits, engagements and convert those interactions into actual sales. A recent McKinsey report showed that 74% of the buyer's journey was complete before they engaged with a salesperson such is the level of information available on the internet. 

Vision, Values and Culture

Our business is built on six foundation pillars that encapsulate the very essence of who Stephen McComb is and the business that he has built. With Stephens relentless travels over the years, he has been privileged to engage with a wide spectrum of cultures which is why he has placed Ethics, Creativity, Diversity, Collaboration, Commitment and Motivation at the centre of his learning and development organisation.


We at Stephen McComb are committed to these core values and promote them in every sales training course. Our values are the foundation of our professional work, our interaction with our clients, partners and stakeholders.


Working on the front lines of the world's most challenging markets


For over 20 years Stephen McComb has been working hand-in-hand with customers to make the world safer, desirable and more efficient through selling clients what they wanted.


Stephen’s experience spans a group of diverse markets, each of global importance. Taking his extensive experience, he delivers the next generation of sales training solutions necessary for today’s rapidly changing environment. Explore Stephens market experience, today.

Responsibility and Sustainability

Our founder Stephen McComb has witnessed first-hand the debilitating effects of Alzheimer’s with his grandfather McComb being diagnosed in the 1980s and then in the last decade his own father. In 2019 Stephens eleven-year-old niece contracted a rare form of Type 1 Diabetes which resulted in her sudden death. Both charities receive financial support from Stephen McComb.

Stephen McComb organisation is committed to recycling, offsetting carbon from travel and raising awareness of single-use plastics. All marketing and course material is printed in the country and city with the commitment that we will never transport internationally our workshop course books.


We all sell in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. A technological revolution has taken hold and will accelerate the buyer’s accessibility to information while condensing the sales funnel. Technology has heightened buyer’s expectation for the immediate and continuous availability of product and service with buying experience now favoured over price.

Consequently, the world has become globalised, generating more business opportunities but also increased competition. The Airbnb effect has gone beyond the hotel and lodging sector with prudent boardrooms questioning where and when will their challenges come from.

Businesses need to prepare to face the uncertainty with their sales team both agile and using technology to understand the buyer's journey.   


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