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Our bid tender management course is one of the most customised as we appreciate that our customers are all at different stages from those that have never submitted a tender to those that are seasoned and want to have a refreshing look at how they bid to keep them ahead of their rivals. Because the course is so tailored it can range from one to five days and will go as deep as you need it to.

What are Stephen’s credentials in delivering tenders? He has successfully been awarded both Government and private tenders from across the world totalling in excess of £80m. He has led teams to deliver new and innovative solutions while navigating legal and strategic export control challenges.

Submitting a tender should never be taken lightly as it uses valuable time of key people, costs in testing and prototyping of non-COTs as well as placing strain on individuals and teams to deliver a complete tender for a given time.

We understand that market intelligence, knowing the customer and having done your pre-bid research is critical to any successful bid. Having a library of prepared documents and your financial statement in order helps reduce time to complete a tender but how those documents are controlled and approved is all part of what we teach. Interested in reverse e-auction, we can help you develop agile costing models to assist you in bidding smart.

Being able to demonstrate competence in delivering and managing a tender is crucial, the course will cover areas such as account management, customer service, performance measurements and helping to influence and shape any future requirement.

Why your team needs sales training

Not every opportunity is for you. Objectively analysing before you start can save you time and money. 

Use evidence in your tender submission: statistics, contract examples, case studies and references all strengthen your bid

Just 43% of employees believe their organisation understands the value of project management

Go above and beyond –

show added value and value for money and a clear plan to deliver the project


Who should attend Bid-coordinators, Bid Manager, Sales, Leaders


Duration 1-5 Days (custom to each clients requirements)

Delivery Instructor-Led Workshop

Qualification Certificate in Professional Bid Management

Location Customers Premises or external room hire*

Participants 12 - 15 people


Evaluating if you are ready to bid

Market Intelligence

Scoring the proposal before committing

Public Procurement

Public Vs Private tendering

Financial Stress test

Account Management

Resources required to bid

Best bidding practises

Sales Pipeline of opportunities

When to start work on a tender


Mapping out the bid team, individual and team roles

Time management

Cross-functional teams

Communicating and flow of information

Managing Experts

Conflict Resolution


Positive writing

Writing with impact

Technical writing

Benefits before features


Text flow, structure, diagrams, images and external reports

Knowing your audience



Document Control

Pre and Post proposal work

Wiki Library

Sensitive information


Dissecting the tender proposal

Working with updates and Q&A

Responding to RFI, RFP, EOI

Answering a question on an RFI or RFP

Price Proposal

Presenting Documents – Hard and Soft copy submissions

Presenting your offer verbally

Reverse Auction

Contract Award

Tender Debrief

Losing a tender – lessons learned


Business Ethics

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Social Values, Sustainability

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