We help our clients by providing street smart sales training which starts with having everyone remember they are in the customer service business firstly, their industry is secondary.

Stephen McComb Sales Training is a new sales training company headquartered in County Armagh Northern Ireland but with global ambitions to help organisations across the world sell more. 

After 25 years of international sales, we are on a path of discovery and want to help you sell more. Whether you are in Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C) or Business to Government (B2G) we have been there and opened six-figure accounts on every continent.

Today we are all about sharing our techniques, systems and processes and we want you and your sales team to be part of the experience. We promote what works in the real world and by using our hard-earned experience, we blend it with the theory to give each person a solid understanding of what it takes to succeed.​ We understand your pressures to deliver sales on a weekly, monthly and quarterly target which is why in every sales training course we help you to strip back the non-selling activities and focus on the high payoff activities to convert leads to customers.​ Whether you are a start-up with high growth potential, a local company selling in the local market or a company with ambitions to expand we can help you grow. And if your one of those companies who are happy at your current level of sales, we understand that, but our simple question is what happens the day that your key account folds or moves to a new supplier?

Organisations market share, product offering or financial resources has never been more disrupted. We can help you stay ahead of the market starting with your sales team training.

Polaroid Cameras with an instant picture was amazing until Samsung launched a camera on a mobile phone in 2000.

Blockbusters was the place to hire a film until Netflix gave people the ability to stream films from their home.

A conventional bookshop or retail outlet was somewhere you went until Amazon provided the opportunity to download or deliver next day to your home.


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