When it comes to selling there is nobody better to learn from than Stephen McComb. As a teenager, he had a part-time job in a local car auction in Northern Ireland and seen the absolute best and unfortunately the worst the sales world had to offer. Stephen has opened new sales accounts on six continent, and with eight-figure gross sales in a year, he knows what it takes to keep a prospect moving forward and to grow customers into repeat clients. Maybe one of his greatest assets is his personality, which is why so many salespeople and business leaders are learning and adopting his sales systems and processes.

Sales Strategy

Do you have sales by default or by design? We know you need to make sales but having the right clients can help you grow much faster.

Sales Technology

Adopt systems and processes to map the buyer’s journey, qualify quicker and close more sales

Sales Training

There are not numerous ways to find, qualify, win, retain, grow and gain referrals just the best way which is what we to teach you.

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We help companies and individual salespeople understand that to succeed in business they must play the infinite game and not the finite game of merely making a sale, but rather they must make a client, an advocate who is willing to promote your offering to others without being prompted.


Stephen McComb challenges conventional B2B of sales by demonstrating that a social influencer can stand in front of a mobile phone and attract millions of social media hits, engagements and convert those interactions into actual sales. A recent McKinsey report showed that 74% of the buyer's journey was complete before they engaged with a salesperson such is the level of information available on the internet. 

We have sales training in Northern Ireland and Ireland each month and have an international schedule of sales training courses for 2020.


All businesses sell something, including the not-for profit organisations that are helping to change deprived areas. Whether your business is build on providing innovating products or you are offering technology to increase the efficiency of another person’s business to allowing consumers to stream the latest movies at home each business needs to discover what its customers want, and then give it to them. In a training session Stephen will always ask what business the audience are in and normally out of a room there is only one and often none that their first answer will be the customer service business. The customer must come first, what you provide must always come second.

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Your People

McKinsey in a recent worldwide study reported that approximately 74% of the buyer’s journey was over before they engaged with the seller. Twenty years ago a procurement manager was willing to spend a few hours and a nice lunch with a well informed seller, it was there “google” of the day, a way to be informed about a product or service, to understand the market more and to find out what everyone was offering. Today that same buyer can have access to sellers across the world and are more informed that ever. Marketing campaigns need to be targeted to drive the right prospects into the sales funnel who can convert into customers and ultimately clients, but regardless of the technology used your best chance of getting your message out there and to convert prospects to clients is through your people.


Each sector has its own challenges but there are common overriding themes that each share. Attracting and retaining clients, upselling and cross selling, turning them into loyal fans who will promote your offering to other businesses or consumer friends. The number one challenge salespeople give is when asked about objection is price. Even in a commodity market, that is matured businesses can still have a Unique Selling Point (USP) which will allow them to charge a higher price. One of Stephens favourites is a petrol station forecourt, two petrol stations can have the same price, but people will opt to go into one over the other, that is because of the added benefits and services the one affords over the other.

Learn from Stephen how to overcome your sales challenges today.

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